Create your own mobile gaming identity with Papaya Avatars. You can customize your avatar in any style you like with 1000s of different clothes and accessories, then show yourself off to your friends in the Papaya Social Network and games too!


This is Papaya's own internal email system that lets you keep in touch with your papaya friends without needing to give out your own email address. You will also hear about exclusive Papaya news before anyone else!


Circles are Papaya's very own forum community. Here you can start your own discussion groups about anything from your favorite Papaya games to the latest hit Movies.

Picture Sharing

It's easy and fun to share photos with your Papaya friends. Take your photo direct with your phone's camera or pick one from your album then send it to your Papayan friends.

Instant Messaging

Keep in touch with all your friends with Papaya's in built-in instant messaging system. With one secure login, you can also access Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo, AIM, Google Talk and ICQ.


Play Papaya's fun location based game that allows you to explore different areas around your town or city with your friends. Check-in to your favorite spots, ride along with your friends and even sabotage!