Accelerated development time, incredible support, and massive distribution within Papaya's Social Network helped our game become a huge hit on Android.

- LoL Studio
Creator of Cafe Fever

AppFlood provided us with quality installs when we needed it. The entire integration process was easy and transparent. Highly recommended!

- StormJoy
Creator of Forest Fair

Virality goes beyond leader-boards and achievements. Real online friendships are the catalyst for K factor and the reason why we've integrated Papaya APIs into our game.

- Wiselinc Inc
Creator of MiniTown

Social Game Engine was super easy to learn and quickly develop on. Within just a few months our studio produced a fantastic social game that is making us $1000+ a day

- Aidi Game
Creator of X-City

The graphics are awesome. Adding images and manipulating them has been a breeze.

- Saturday Inc
Creator of Fishing Vida

Implementing Papaya one click IAB resulted in revenue increasing by 90%!

- Caesars Game Studio
Creator of Miracle Empire

Within the first week of launching our game 90% of the traffic came from Papaya.

- Aidi Game
Creator of X-City

After integrating the SDK we received incredible promotion to the 65+ million users on Papaya's network.

- Begamer
Creator of Ninja Girl

Using Papaya's SDK, we were able to connect to millions of other DAUs instantly and leverage their unique social APIs to create an engaging experience which has increased our retention.

- Tatem Games
Creator of Robosockets

And, get this, the top amount spent by a single user on the Papaya network is $4,440. Yes, somebody spent that much money for virtual goods in a game. That’s what you call engagement.

– Dean Takahashi

Papaya has also proven that its social network can propel games to the top of the Android Market charts using its viral marketing features like newsfeeds, pMail and the Papaya Free application which is the most popular games SNS application reviewed at 4.3 stars on the Android Market.

– Azam Khan
Social Times

…developers will be able to better target consumers with more relevant ads, which means increased opportunity for engagement and monetization.

– Sarah Perez
Tech Crunch

The company’s platform helps developers make games more social and more viral…

– Dean Takahashi

Papaya's engine is the first runtime script on Android written in C…

– Keith Andrew

Within PapayaMobile’s social network, players can discover new mobile games via recommendations delivered in forms of targeted ads.

– Azam Khan
Social Times

PapayaMobile is clearly well-placed to take advantage of the huge interest China, and the fact that it is traditionally difficult to enter because of culture, economy and regulations.

– Tim Green
Mobile Entertainment

Papaya makes a mobile social network for game developers to use to help their games spread faster and become more social.

– Dean Takahashi

The company has built a platform that can host mobile games on behalf of mobile developers who can tap into its social network.

– Tricia Duryee

PapayaMobile has been at the forefront of the gaming community on Android since the get go.

– Azam Khan
Social Times

By leveraging the game engine, developers can work around the existing Android APIs, which are harder to learn for some non-Java developers, and build high-performance games in a scripting language similar to Python or Flash.

– Ryan Kim

PapayaMobile focuses on helping developers to create, promote and distribute cross-platform social games on Android and iOS.

– Gary Merrtt
Social Games Observer

…its average paying user spends $22.60 a month, with popular titles on its network earning $20,000 a month on average.

– Stuart Dredge
Mobile Entertainment