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Failed to login / Failed to create user

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Post on 2011-9-7 20:20 |All posts
I've uploaded Social_API_Demo_noLBS_GlobalSNS.apk on device but I always receive errors when trying to create a new user or to login with an existing user.

I receive messages like:
"Failed to register your user ID, please try again!"
"An error occurred during the transfer. Please try again later."

And the log looks like that:

WARN/PPYSocial(6699): http connection failed
WARN/PPYSocial(6699): java.net.ConnectException: connect.papayamobile.com/ - Connection refused
WARN/PPYSocial(6699): connection failed -1, UrlConnection{_request=UrlRequest{_url=http://connect.papayamobile.com:8080/social/json_login?device=90ca2e1a2ac4315c&db_version=6&app_id=com.haypi.kingdom.papayainc.activity&model=6&lang=en&api_version=170&api_key=HHClEffsIpzyMUHi, _requestType=0, _connectionType=0, _cacheable=false, _requireSid=false, _delegateRef=null}, _redirectUri=null, _startTime=1315397767863}

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Post on 2011-9-8 21:30 |All posts
Same here... Did you get an answer for this problem ?

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Post on 2011-9-9 14:28 |All posts
Not yet. Still waiting for an answer.

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Post on 2011-9-9 16:41 |All posts

Seems like the login works for me, using wifi and a real phone (not the emulator). Have you tried ?

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Post on 2011-9-12 21:02 |All posts
Tried on a real phone and still not working.

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Post on 2011-9-16 16:17 |All posts
This seems to be the network problem.  Can you try a real phone on another wifi ?
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