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How can I get access to Papaya?

Papaya is accessed through any of the games on the Papaya Network. Papaya network games include features that give you cool new ways to play and interact with your friends.

How can I recharge my account and add more Papayas?

Open a Papaya game and under the "More" tab select "Get more papayas". We offer many ways to recharge your account including Mobile, Credit Card, PayPal and Google Checkout.

How can I get free Papayas?

- Get 10 free Papayas for every day that you log in.
- If your friend invited you to join, you get 50 when you register.
- Get 300 for every friend you invite that joins. Go to Get more Papayas > Invite friends to Join Papaya
- Get Papayas in games for completing certain tasks.
- Check Pmails regularly for special promotions to get free papayas.
- Upload a profile picture for 50 free Papayas.
- Download games for free or take up special offers for free papayas. Open Papaya Offers at More > Get free Papayas > Great Offers from Papaya

Can I become an admin?

The admin slots are currently full and we aren't accepting any more applications for the time being. Check back in future and we'll let you know when there are more slots available.


What is Papaya?

Papaya is a social gaming network. Download any games on Papaya to get access to a fun community where you can play games with your friends. Included in all Papaya games is access to the Papaya social network where you can create an avatar, chat to friends, build your profile, join groups, share photos and more. For more information, check out the games page and community page.

Is Papaya free?

Yes, Papaya social network and Papaya games are all free. Papaya uses the internet to connect so please check your mobile carrier for data charges.

Getting Started

Does Papaya work with my mobile phone?

All new versions of Papaya and Papaya games are focused on Android but there may be plans to expand to other smartphone platforms in the near future.

Which version shall I download and how do I install?

Papaya is available in the Android Market. Open the Android marketplace from your phone and search for "papaya" for Papaya developed games. For a full list of Papaya and 3rd party developed games, head over to the games section.

How do I set up my phone? Where can I find Papaya after I install it?

After downloading a Papaya game, follow the installation instructions. Then open up your applications folder and find your newly downloaded game at the bottom of the list. When you first open a Papaya game, you will need to create an account with Papaya.

Account Help

I forgot my password. What can I do?

Open a Papaya game from your device, click Login with Papaya Account, click Forgot password and provide us the email address or phone number associated with your account. Then we will send a message with a link to you. You can follow the link to reset your password.

Rates and Credit

What are "papayas"?

"Papayas" are the Papaya Mobile unit of credit. Use papayas to buy all kinds of cool stuff in Papaya games or on the Papaya social network. 1000 papayas is equal to 1 US dollar.